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 Defeat's HGM Application

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Defeat's HGM Application Empty
PostSubject: Defeat's HGM Application   Defeat's HGM Application EmptyMon Apr 11, 2011 8:44 pm

I've missed ya Rey..

Game Master Application Format

Real Name: Tyler

In Game Name:

Age: 17


Location: Indiana, USA

Gender: Male

Languages Spoken:
English (fluent)
German (fair)

Activity (Hours): winter = a lot ; summer = as much as possible

Sunday: x-12
Monday: 5-11
Tuesday: 7-11
Wednesday: 7-11
Thursday: 11-12
Friday: depends on football games
Saturday: probably later like 11 or so

Tell us something about you as a person.:
I am a really good friend, I love helping people and love to build/restore stuff. (cars mostly)

Do you have any bad relationships with anybody on the AG staff team?:
No I do not Very Happy

Do you have any experience as a Game Master?:
I haven't been a GM but I have been friends with some on IJJI that I talked to when they were on.

Any proof?:
whisper GM_Wormwood on ijji Very Happy

If you were chosen to be a GM what would you do for the AG community?:
I would help with peoples issues, report them to the boss so we could have the best private server there is, and I would do whatever was asked of me.

Name 3 GM commands:
(Using google to find these commands will result in auto-fail)
/admin_ban (obviously to ban) and /admin_wall (to write as an admin to everyone) and /admin_hide (to hide from everyone) Very Happy
/changemaster (idk if for gms or if this is just rey) for rooms Very Happy

Contact Information:
elenor428@hotmail.com (msn)
shulawt@yahoo.com (private messages)

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Defeat's HGM Application
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