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 Our server info / format for when posting On webs.

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PostSubject: Our server info / format for when posting On webs.   Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:02 pm

[Gunz] AmazonGunz | 20x EXP |

General Links:
Official Website: http://amazongunz.co.nr
Community Forums: http://amazongunz.forumotion.com/

Download & Connection Information - amazongunz Forums
Download & Connection Information - amazongunz Forums Sign Up: UnleashedNET Registration

Server Information:

Hardware -

Memory: 1GB RAM
Connection: Dedicated 100Mbit/sHard Disk: 2x160GB SATA RAID1

Security -
We strive to keep our database and files secure, and make daily backups of all files. So if any data loss occurs the latest roll-back would be 24 hours before it happened guaranteed.
Our VPS company also makes daily backups so if we are unable to do so, the VPS company will.

General Game Information:


Killing EXP: x20 (50x on weekends)
Quest EXP: x30 (40x on weekends)
Bounty: (Not required to purchase items)
Max Lvl. : 125 Lv.

[Game Features]

Smooth Game play/No Lag.
Quest and Clan War Server(s)
Professional Interface /Graphics
Variety of Maps to choose from
Item Shop
Premium Items, Custom made items [FREE]
AmazonGunz Item Shop (You are able to purchase Donation Item's at low prices!)

Events twice every 2 days + Weekend Bonus EXP!

ALL Ijji Quests at a amazonGunz experience rate!
Custom Game Launcher (Includes latest news and updates about Amazongunz)
Unique BGM
Fancy Character Login Screen
Friendly Players and GREAT, and expanding community!

So Join us today, we need new members and we will welcome anyone to our server!

» AmazonGunz «
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PostSubject: Re: Our server info / format for when posting On webs.   Mon Sep 27, 2010 3:50 pm

I can do that Very Happy
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Our server info / format for when posting On webs.
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