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 Dear Rey...and everyone else too xD

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Dear Rey...and everyone else too xD Empty
PostSubject: Dear Rey...and everyone else too xD   Dear Rey...and everyone else too xD EmptyTue Mar 29, 2011 12:27 pm

I left because i wanted to wait for a while for things to get better. I see this server turning out very nicely in the future but you just have to get all the members on here to work together and help get more people, we cant have 5 people logging on per day and expect to have something come of it. So this is a message to everyone actually, "Work hard to get more people, dont just say your going to help and then do nothing at all. We can make something of this server."

And Rey, I plan to re-submit my application at a later date.
I want to help you, but we just need more users. Thanks for reading, hopefully this message isnt taken the wrong way xDD I love you guys
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Dear Rey...and everyone else too xD
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