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 Mycroft GM Application.

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Mycroft GM Application. Empty
PostSubject: Mycroft GM Application.   Mycroft GM Application. EmptyTue Aug 10, 2010 4:33 pm

Real Name:

Saleem Sattaur

In Game Name:





Dutch time GMT+1


The Netherlands / Holland



Languages Spoken:

Dutch / English

Activity (Hours):

Monday: 4 hours
Tuesday: 4 hours
Wednesday: 4 hours
Thursday: 4 hours
Friday: 4 hours
Saturday: 5.5 hours
Sunday: 5.5 hours

Tell us something about you as a person.

Well, I am very kind to people, I love to help people IRL, I am on a Highschool named "WellantCollege", I've got a sister. I am working in a bussiness shop, well not really bussiness shop, more like electronic things, called "Karwei".
I love to play Soccer, I like traveling alots, I am going on a tournament for Soccer in Spain, so I'll have to try hard in the few matches, around 5 - 6 matches. Besides Soccer I love playing games like ; GunZ, but mostly Modern Warfare 2, PS3. Yeah, and besides that I love to chill with friends outside.

Do you have any bad relationships with anybody on the AG staff team?:

I've met some of the staff members, and no, I do not have any problems with them.

Do you have any experience as a Game Master?:

Well, no, I've tried to apply at some servers, but I would need a months play, so I really don't want that.

If you were chosen to be a GM what would you do for the AG community?:

I would keep an eye out for hackers / spammers / egoers.
I would help the staff team if they'd need me with some work or events etc.
I'd help the staff team if they need some advice.
I will help people if they need anything.

Contact Information:

You could contact me on MSN : saleem_sattaur@hotmail.com

If you need some more info, feel glad to add me on MSN.


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Mycroft GM Application.
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