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Real Name:
- Jared

In Game Name:
- Jared

msn: chinotex_rata@hotmail.com

- Montreal(Canada)

- Male

- Mauritian(Mauritius)

Activity(In hours):
Sunday: 8more
Monday: 6more
Tuesday: 9more
Wednesday: 10more
Thursday: 8more
Friday: 12more
Saturday: allday

Just a little information about who you are as a person:
- I'm a addicted person on playing computer games. Everytime I wake up, i always go on my computer to start chating with friends and start playing. I'm also friendly with other people, if they need any help i'm always there to help them and support them until they success. I'm an hard worker, and I finish whatever I begin.

What makes you better and more qualified for this position than others:
- I'm kind to every players, teamwork is the thing that you should have, and I've got good Teamwork. I'm very active in game, like I said above if anyone needs help on anything I will be there to assist them on there problems. My English and French are 100% good, I know alot of players that speaks only french and does not understand english, so I'm there to translate into french. When I see hackers, I always record it and I post these replays after finishing playing gunz.

How is your relationship with the staff team:
- I know most of the staff and I have a good relationship with them.

Are there any Staff members that would support your application for this position Names:
- I'm not sure about that, but I think that most of the staff will support me cause I never did something that involves bad things.

Do you have any experience being a GameMaster:
- Nope

As a GameMaster, what would you do for the community:
- I will not put someone above someone else. Rules are Rules, when you break them, you'll get warned/banned. Hackers, Ucer's and insulting GM will result a permanent ban. Spammers will get a warning to stop spamming, if they insist they will get disconnected but if they insist again then it will result a mute for X day. Of course everyone makes mistakes, but be glad that people clear those mistakes, and don't say I don't care. And like every GM does, I'll work as hard as I can, to make everything possible for the featured members. People are expecting much from this server, but we will make this server so great that you would look and suddenly your eyes would pop out. If any players or even if any staff needs help, I will be there to assist them and if the reason I give wasn't enough then I'll keep trying, until it'll work.
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No double posting
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theres a edit boton =P. But il fixs it 4 u
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